Talent FAQ

So, you may have some questions?

Since the establishment of Everything Formals Model Management in 2009, many talents associated with the Agency have reached out with similar questions. Questions have spanned from Talent bookings to contract lengths and more.

Below are some questions that have been frequently asked.  If the question you’re inquiring about is not below, please feel free to email the Agency at agency@everythingformals.com

I’m interested in signing with Everything Formals Model Management. What’s my first step?

Please head over to our Female Application to fill out the submission form. Remember to include links to your social media accounts and up-to-date measurements.

What if I don’t have professional photos?

That’s no problem! Since we are a niche Agency, we advise Talent to submit photos in gowns, runway photos, and headshots/selfies for consideration. We recommend doing TFP shoots (in a safe manner) or treating yourself to a professional photography session.

Unless you are a professional at taking photos on iPhones, if accepted, we encourage you to wait until you have pictures that are up to industry standards before being displayed on the Agency website.

How long does the contract last?

The Talent Agreement lasts until either Talent emails the Agency requesting to terminate their contract or Agency emails the Talent terminating their contract. From the date of termination, a two-year non-solicitation policy goes into place for all Clients of EFMM. Talent may request a list of those Clients.

Can I model with other photographers if I become an EFMM model?

The answer is YES! We want you to grow as a talent and build connections. We encourage you to shoot with professional photographers and TFP shoots (in a safe manner). We only ask that you do not work with designers and photographers you've connected with through EFMM at markets and associated events.

Can I be signed with other agencies while being signed with EFMM?

Absolutely! We are a non-exclusive Agency. That means that we do not limit you to only working with our Agency. You can be signed with as many agencies as you want. However, any bookings with our clients must be done through EFMM.

How do I take my measurements?

We have a step-by-step guide on our website focused on how to take your measurements properly. Please visit the site by clicking this link: https://www.everythingformals.com/how-to-take-your-measurements/

I just received an email that I was accepted to the Agency! How do I start working with the Agency?

Once you have signed your contract and it has been countersigned by the Agency, please email agency@everythingformals.com stating your event date availability. That way the Agency can mark Talent down for specific Marts and start pitching you to designers for bookings.

What is a pre-booking?

This can be used synonymously with a direct booking. There are designers who want to look at models for future shows. A pre-booking is when the designers decide to book talent in advance for one of the future shows based on talent’s photos and measurements on the website. EFMM holds in-person castings at the majority of events and the Talent can choose to still attend castings, if taking place, for that specific show to try to get pre-booked for a future show.

What is the difference between social media influencers and models?

SMI is a separate program. Sozie is the company we partner with. That is why we call it EFMM X Sozie, also known as Sozies. This program allows you the fun opportunity to make some easy cash on the side while working with some of the biggest brands nationwide. It is so easy to take some fun influencer-style pics and write a review modeling store products for a cash-back incentive. Currently EFMM has halted doing work with Sozie as we await the outcome of the FTC complaints that have been filed against them.

When do I know if I’m booked?

If you are booked, you will receive a confirmation email along with a contract that needs to be signed. Please be aware that this contract has an expiration date. In addition, please understand that an availability check IS NOT the same as being booked.

**Always read email instructions carefully – they’ll often provide guidelines with specifics on that particular show.**

What is the breakdown of a "model rate" for bridal market events?

When a Client hires the Agency (EFMM) to supply their showroom/booth with models, he/she offers to pay a certain amount for a Talent's day rate. That amount is normally the Client's maximum budget for the Talent including all agency fees and hotel allowance explained below. It is the Agency's obligation to keep in mind all costs when negotiating a Talent's day rate.

First, the Client needs to pay a percentage of that amount to the Agency for finding the perfect Talent. Second, the Talent needs to pay a percentage to the Agency for finding the perfect placement. That is the ONLY way an Agency gets paid. The Agency doesn’t make anything if it does not require the percentage from both sides of the total amount. This is and has always been the industry standard.

EFMM has one exception to the average Agency. We have negotiated an additional $50 into every day rate booked in order to be able to provide hotel accommodations for our Talent. The $50 hotel allowance paid by the Client covers the time negotiating hotel contracts/booking hotels, providing staff on location to assist models in checking in and out of rooms, receiving flight information, assigning rooms and the actual hotel room costs/resort fees.

So here is a sample breakdown of how this works:

The Client is willing to pay $350 a day per Talent including all agency fees and hotel allowance. Once we deduct the Client 20% (industry standard) the total available balance is $280. We then have to deduct the $50 for the hotel allowance, leaving a total available balance of $230. Next, the Talent must pay a commission of 20% (industry standard) to the agency for finding the job. This leaves a final balance of $184 per day for the Talent. This is the Talent's net take home pay.

IT’S IMPORTANT TO NOTE, we always try to pay a minimum of $200 a day, so in this example, we couldn’t even take the full 20% on both sides. There are numerous occasions when EFMM has not taken full agency fees or hotel allowance because we acknowledge our Talent deserves more.

For years there has been misinformation spread regarding the unethical commissions deducted by talent agencies. EFMM follows standard employment practices according to not just industry standards, but also the LAW. EFMM expects our Talent not to contribute to the misinformation being spread by not discussing compensation at events.

When should I expect to receive payment after a booking?

The process for issuing payment is as follows: All Talent is asked to submit timesheets daily. The agency goes through all timesheets and verifies the time worked with our clients. Any overtime has to be approved and billed to the client if applicable. We then issue an invoice to the Client and ask Talent to please fill out the proper paperwork to receive payment. As soon as the Agency is paid by the Client, the agency issues payment to Talent. We try to pay everyone as quickly as possible. Payment can take up to 30-45 business days however, sometimes clients take longer than this to pay. Please know we do our best to ensure timely payments and as soon as we receive payment from the client, we will send payment your way. Industry-standard is 3 to 6 months. We ask all Talent to please be patient.

Can I take pictures during my booking?

You need approval from all Clients to take any pictures during a booking. All photography, filming or images captured (content) during any assignment of Agency becomes the property of the agency. The Talent agrees that the agency will own all rights that exist in the content created from the booking. Any image used without written authorization or prior approval from the agency will be deemed unauthorized use and will be subject to legal proceedings. For the avoidance of doubt, we require Clients pay additional fees for the right to use the Talent’s image or reproductions, or adaptations of, or drawings derived from that image, or any other representation of it, either complete or in part whether alone or in conjunction with any wording or other images, photographs, drawings online or in any digital media including but not limited to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, Blogs or other social networking websites or media.


How will I know where to go once I arrive at the mart?

The Everything Formals Model Management staff will be onsite at each mart to help show Talent where to go. You will always be accompanied by an EFMM staff member during castings. Models may not roam the floors alone during castings.

Do I wear makeup for castings?

Absolutely! Though other model castings require a fresh face, the designers at these shows are looking for glam! Here is a helpful blog to refer to: https://www.everythingformals.com/blog/hair-makeup-glamour/

Will hair and makeup be provided?

No, models are responsible for doing their own hair and makeup.

What should I wear?

Please wear all black fitted clothing. This can be a black tank top, black t-shirt, black jeans/leggings, and heels. Please do not wear anything that shows your midriff, or shorts. Please come with your hair and makeup done in a pageant/glam way, clear deodorant, smooth, flesh-tone undergarments, a sticky bra, and with your nails and toes done in either a neutral tone, light pink, or a French manicure.

What should I pack?

1. Nude and clear heels

     ** Check out Diverse Style by Sydni Dion (Former Miss Illinois USA)

2. Umbra and nipple covers

3. Nude thongs

4. Blister tape and blister band-aids

5. Makeup Bag

6. Hot tools (straightener and curler)

7. Clear deodorant

8. Unscented lotion

9. Bobby pins and hair ties

10. A set of glitzy jewelry (specifically earrings)

11. Blotting paper

12. Epsom salts (for aching feet)

What happens if I show up for castings and I do not get booked?

The Agency will try to accommodate you with a behind-the-scenes job so you can break even on the trip. This is a great way to meet designers and network for future opportunities!

Should I bring a comp card?

No, these are not allowed at the mart. You will be given EFMM business cards to give to designers that you can label with your name. Talent will also always roam the floor with an EFMM staff member who will communicate with designers and advocate on their behalf during castings.

I’m booked. Is hotel provided?

Yes, hotel is provided for all booked talent traveling over 45 miles from their primary residence to the event. With checkin beginning at approximately 3pm the day before booking and with checkout at 11am on the last day of booking unless previously discussed with agency.

Is the cost of the hotel coming out of my pay?

No, Agency charges Clients $50 per night to cover accommodations when the agency provides lodging at an event, therefore, the net pay on the Talent Model Performance Agreement is Talent take home pay.

When do I need to let the agency know I need hotel accommodations?

If booked, it is the Talent’s responsibility to inform the Agency about hotel accommodations within 72 hours of signing their booking agreement and must send a copy of their driver’s license. If Talent is interested in hotel accommodations for castings then Talent must get approval from the Agency. Hotel spaces for castings are $50 per night.

When can I check in/out of the hotel?

Talent understands that Check in is the day prior to Talent start date at approximately 3pm and check out is the end date of their booking at approximately 11am. Talent should ask the front desk to hold their bags or bring their luggage to the event on the final day of booking and proceed directly to the airport once the event has ended.

Will I have roommates?

Accommodations are provided for Talent only and each room will accommodate up to four individuals.

How can I have a private hotel room?

Should Talent wish to request a private room, Talent must email their request to the Agency. Agency will try to accommodate the request; however talent understands that private rooms are paid for at Talent's expense. Talent is required to pay for private rooms prior to check in.

Is there a curfew?

To ensure Talent safety and the safety of others the Agency requires that all Talent be in their assigned hotel room with the door locked no later than 11pm. This will allow all Talent's roommates the opportunity to get adequate rest throughout the event.

I have some friends who live in the city I’m working in. Can I invite them to my hotel room?

Due to safety precautions only Agency staff member(s) or Agency contracted Talent are allowed in the provided hotel rooms.

I found a cheaper flight that flies out after the agency hotel checkout date. What can I do?

Should Talent need to extend their accommodations past the check out date and time, Talent should put the request in writing to the agency 7(seven) days prior to booking start date and the Agency will try to accommodate Talent requests. Talent is responsible for additional nights beginning on the last day of their booking until checkout at the rate of $50 per night.

Why do I have to move hotel rooms?

In an effort to keep costs low, we consolidate rooms as bookings end and Talent checks out. This may mean moving rooms in order to keep one person from being in a room alone, which is against EFMM’s safety policy.

Will I ever have to move hotels?

We try to keep the moving to a minimum, but the Agency reserves the right to provide alternative accommodations as needed. This usually occurs when moving talent closer to an airport for their final night for travel convenience.

Can I bring my parents, friends, boyfriend, etc.?

The hotel spots are reserved only for booked talent and those who are contracted to work behind the scenes. Males do not receive a space in our hotel, unless previously discussed with Everything Formals Management. If Talent is a minor and traveling with a female parent/guardian that is also contracted to work the event, the Agency will provide accommodations for parent/guardian in the same hotel room; however two additional individuals will be assigned to the room. If parent/guardian is unwilling or unable to work, the parent/guardian may request to stay in the hotel for a rate of $50 per night, which the Agency requires to be paid prior to check in.

Again we are always here to help you be successful.