Sample Runway Videos

Whether you are new to runway or a seasoned veteran, here are steps and videos to help you own the runway!

Step 1: Pull your shoulders back and down (but in a relaxed way)

One common theme amongst the walks of the top models in the business is the way they held their shoulders. Droopy and slumped over is not the way to go if you want to walk like a model. Instead, you'll want to pull your shoulders down and back, in a relaxed way, of course. This also naturally changes how you hold your head.

Step 2: Keep a smooth, natural pace

Another key to walking like a model? Your pace. You don't want to speed walk (it just looks too rushed and hasty) and you don't want to move too slow either. Find a good, steady pace and stick with that, keeping your strides long and smooth.

Step 3: Keep your head up

When you pull your shoulders back, your head will automatically be pulled up, too. Sometimes, however, you have to make a conscious effort. Regardless, it's one tip you'll want to remember for the long run, as it ensures a long, sleek neck and a fierce walk. 

Step 4: Confidence is key

You've heard it before and you'll hear it here again: confidence is the key to everything, and it's the secret ingredient to walking like a model. When you feel confident, your walk will instantly become more powerful and commanding, which is probably what you admire about a runway pros walk, right?

Step 5: Have fun!!!

Here are some samples from EFMM's very own!

Nadgeena J.

Ghazal G.

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