Exciting News! Everything for Pageants has officially changed names to Everything Formals Model Management, LLC.

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Girl Social Media Influencers


EFMM has brought a new revolution to online shopping. Our social media influencers enable fashion retailers to show their shoppers how fashion looks on real people!


Want to become a social media influencer and join the EFMM Team? 

Apply Here: Girls Application (12 years or under)

  • Alayna T.

    Alayna T.

    Height3'12 Bust23 Waist32 Hip28AA HairBrown
  • Alexa J.

    Alexa J.

    Height3'11 Bust27 Waist25 Hip28 HairBrown
  • Alexis K.

    Alexis K.

    Height5'0 Bust34 Waist29 Hip33 HairBrown
  • Ambrielle W.

    Ambrielle W.

    Height2'6 Bust9-12 months Waist9-12 months Hip9-12 months HairBrown
  • Ameirah B.

    Ameirah B.

    Height4'4 Bust24 Waist32 Hip28AA HairBrown
  • Amelia E.

    Amelia E.

    Height5'6 Bust34 Waist26 Hip35 HairBrown
  • Angel M.

    Angel M.

    Height4'2 Bust29 Waist27.5 Hip31 HairDark Brown
  • Aniya W.

    Aniya W.

    Height3'8 Bust23.5 Waist23 Hip24 HairBlonde
  • Aubree C.

    Aubree C.

    Height4'4 Bust26 Waist23 Hip27 HairBrown
  • Aubrey M.

    Aubrey M.

    Height4'10 Bust27.5 Waist23.5 Hip30.5 HairAuburn
  • Brooke F.

    Brooke F.

    Height5'0 Bust30 Waist26 Hip33 HairLight Brown
  • Cadence C.

    Cadence C.

    Height5'2 Bust32 Waist30.5 Hip35 HairBrown
  • Caylee H.

    Caylee H.

    Height4'6.72 Bust27 Waist25 Hip27 HairBrown
  • Celina L.

    Celina L.

    Height50in Bust25 Waist26 Hip29 HairLight Brown
  • Eliana P.

    Eliana P.

    Height3'5'' Bust22 Waist21 Hip22 HairBrown
  • Emery B.

    Emery B.

    Height5'0 Bust29 Waist26 Hip29 HairDirty Blonde
  • Emma C.

    Emma C.

    Height4'11 Bust25 Waist22 Hip28.5 HairBrown
  • Esther R.

    Esther R.

    Height5'3 Bust33 Waist30 Hip37 HairBrown
  • Gianna S.

    Gianna S.

    Height3'5 BustN/A Waist24 Hip22 HairBrown
  • Hayle K.

    Hayle K.

    Height5'4 Bust30 Waist26 Hip30.5 HairBrown
  • Isla S.

    Isla S.

    Height4' Bust29.75 Waist27.25 Hip30 HairDark Blonde
  • Jalila M.

    Jalila M.

    Height3'9 Bust24 Waist23 Hip26 HairBrown
  • Jasinia M.

    Jasinia M.

    Height43in Bust4ch Waist4ch Hip4ch HairBlack
  • Jessica B.

    Jessica B.

    Height4'4 Bust24.5 Waist24 Hip28 HairBrown
  • Jianna G.

    Jianna G.

    Height39in Bust20 Waist20.5 Hip21 HairBlack
  • Julia H.

    Julia H.

    Height4'9 Bust29 Waist28 Hip33 HairDark Brown
  • Karalyn C.

    Karalyn C.

    Height3'9 Bust21 Waist19 Hip22.5 HairLight Brown
  • Karlie L.

    Karlie L.

    HeightN/A BustN/A WaistN/A HipN/A HairN/A
  • Karlie M.

    Karlie M.

    Height3'10 Bust21.5 Waist19 Hip21.5 HairLight Brown
  • Kate R.

    Kate R.

    Height5'3 Bust32 Waist24 Hip34 HairDark Brown
  • Kiyoko L.

    Kiyoko L.

    Height5'0 Bust23 Waist20 Hip25 HairBrown
  • Kyla N.

    Kyla N.

    Height4'7 Bust26.5 Waist24.5 Hip29.5 HairBlack
  • Laila S.

    Laila S.

    Height4'10 Bust30 Waist27 Hip33 HairBlonde
  • Lexi H.

    Lexi H.

    Height5'1 Bust27.5 Waist22 Hip28 HairBrown
  • Lillie F.

    Lillie F.

    Height3'5.25 Bust21 Waist20 Hip22 HairBlack
  • Lilly R.

    Lilly R.

    HeightN/A BustN/A WaistN/A HipN/A HairBrown
  • Maci B.

    Maci B.

    Height4'9'' Bust31.5 Waist25.5 Hip32 HairBrown
  • Majesty T.

    Majesty T.

    Height3'1 Bust20.5 Waist21 Hip23.5 HairDark Brown
  • Mia P.

    Mia P.

    Height5'1 Bust24 Waist22.5 Hip26.75 HairDark Brown
  • Obed N.

    Obed N.

    Height3'8 Bust5T Waist5T Hip5T HairBrown
  • Olivia B.

    Olivia B.

    Height4'6 Bust24.5 Waist23.5 Hip28 HairBlonde
  • Saaya P.

    Saaya P.

    Height4'9 Bust28 Waist24 Hip29 HairBlack
  • Samantha R.

    Samantha R.

    Height44in Bust24 Waist22 Hip26 HairDark Brown
  • Sienna B.

    Sienna M.

    Height3'2 Bust22 Waist20 Hip22 HairBlonde
  • Skylar R.

    Skylar R.

    Height40.5 Bust4-5T Waist4-5T Hip4-5T HairBrown
  • Sophia T.

    Sophia T.

    Height5'1 Bust30 Waist26 Hip31 HairBrown
  • Tamiya W.

    Tamiya W.

    Height3'4 Bust23 Waist23 Hip26 HairBlack
  • Teagan S

    Teagan S.

    Height4'3 Bust22.5 Waist20 Hip23.5 HairBlonde
  • Tegan M.

    Tegan M.

    Height5'7 Bust38 Waist31 Hip42 HairBrown
  • Yasmin L.

    Yasmin L.

    Height4'6 Bust28 Waist25.5 Hip27 HairBrown
  • Zoylia S.

    Zoylia S.

    Height3'9 Bust22 Waist21 Hip23 HairDark Brown