Boy Social Media Influencers


EFMM has brought a new revolution to online shopping. Our social media influencers enable fashion retailers to show their shoppers how fashion looks on real people!

Boy Social Media Influencers

Want to become a social media influencer and join the EFMM Team? 

Apply Here: Boys Application (12 years or under)

  • AJ S.

    AJ S.

    Height3'1 Hips18.5 HairBlonde
  • Bevin B.

    Bevin B.

    Height4'11 Hips32.5 HairBlonde/Brown
  • Boaz G.

    Boaz G.

    Height2'2 Hips19 HairDirty Blonde
  • Caleb W.

    Caleb W.

    Height3'9 Hips25.5 HairDark Brown State?
  • Cameron S.

    Cameron S.

    Height4'4 Hips27.5 HairDark Brown
  • Duron L.

    Duron L.

    Height? Hips? Hair? State?
  • Elias C.

    Elias C.

    HeightN/A HipsN/A HairBlack
  • Hunter C.

    Hunter C.

    Height4'9 Hips28 HairBrown State?
  • Jayden P.

    Jayden P.

    Height5'8 Hips35 HairBlack State?
  • Jonah B.

    Jonah B.

    Height4'5 Waist18 Hips23 HairBrown
  • Jonah S.

    Jonah S.

    Height38 Hips19 HairBrown State?
  • Jonah W.

    Jonah W.

    Height58 Hips35 HairBlack
  • Justus W.

    Justus W.

    Height4'7 Hips31 HairBlack State?
  • Kenyon R.

    Kenyon R.

    Height3'8'' Waist22.5 Hips24 HairBrown
  • Levi J.

    Levi J.

    Height45 Hips25 HairBlack
  • Levi M.

    Levi M.

    Height25.5 Hips14.5in HairBrown State?
  • Marcus J.

    Marcus J.

    Height? Hips? Hair? State?
  • Nathaniel C.

    Nathaniel C.

    Height4'10 Hips27.5 HairBlack
  • Noah C.

    Noah C.

    Height5'2 Waist31 Hips32 HairBrown
  • Paras R.

    Paras R.

    Height5'5 Hips33.8 HairBlack
  • Phoenix C.

    Phoenix C.

    Height? Hips? HairBlonde State?
  • Riley H.

    Riley H.

    Height4'6'' Waist32 Hips32 HairDark Blonde
  • Sage H.

    Sage H.

    Height5'0 Hips40 HairBlonde StateIL