Preparation For WOP Part 3

Preparation For WOP Part 3

Posted by Alaina Edwards (Social Media Manager/Recruiter) on Saturday July 23, 2022

Blog #7

Hi girls,

We have arrived at our last blog before the much anticipated World Of Prom!! It is a fun, exciting, exhausting and profitable event that you want to be well prepared for. By now I hope that you have been able to benefit from our past blogs regarding preparing mentally and professionally as a model. In this blog, I am focusing on how you can prepare your body in order to maximize it's potential to look it's best.


It is vitally important to carefully watch what you eat and drink. Make sure that you are taking in adequate amounts of nutritional foods. Make sure that you are including the five food groups: fruits and vegetables, starchy foods, dairy products, proteins and healthy fats.

Drink plenty of water. Here are 5 reasons why water is so important for the body. Water boosts energy by delivering important nutrients to all of our cells, especially muscle cells which will help postpone muscle fatigue. It helps with weight loss, digestion, detoxification and hydration of the skin. It is so important to have clean, healthy and glowing skin as a model.

Check your hair quality. What you eat and drink also affects the shine and beauty of your hair. Make sure that you are comfortable with your hairstyle and that it will compliment formal wear. This is probably not the time to try out new hairstyles or come to a casting looking like you just got out of bed! Make sure that your hair is squeaky clean, nicely styled and well brushed.

If you like to tan, make sure to avoid tan lines which don't ever work well with evening gowns. It is never acceptable to come to a casting with obvious sunburns or noticeable tan lines which cannot be covered up by the gowns. Use sunscreen often if you are going to be outdoors in order to avoid this situation.

Lastly, get plenty of rest and exercise daily. Taking regular breaks allows your body to recover and repair. It's a critical part of looking and feeling your best, regardless of your fitness level. Make sure that you are getting at least 8 hours of restful sleep each night. You will feel more alive, relaxed and ready for castings and hopefully bookings.

Above all - Keep positive and enjoy yourself!

I hope this 3 part series for the preparation of World Of Prom was helpful to you!

Please make sure to keep the dates open. Let EFMM know if you will be attending and commit to being there. Watch for updates both on Instagram and Facebook.

See you soon!