Preparation For WOP Part 2

Preparation For WOP Part 2

Posted by Alaina Edwards (Social Media Manager/Recruiter) on Friday July 15, 2022

Blog Issue # 6

Hi Girls,

In our previous blog in May, we covered how to mentally prepare yourself as a model for a designer show or in any modeling situation. In this blog I am covering how to prepared yourself.


Whether you are just starting out or have been modeling for a longer period remember that you are a professional model if you are getting paid for photos taken, participating in runway shows or doing commercials for a client.

With this in mind, take inventory of yourself as a model. Be honest with yourself. Study how you stand, walk, speak and your facial expressions. The industry is client-driven. This means that you don't have to be a certain size, body type or “beauty ideal” in order to be a model. You do need a look that will appeal to an audience that would be most interested in buying the product you are showcasing.

Make sure that your pageant walk is good and professional. Study tutorials on YouTube and get to know the dos and don'ts. Have someone videotape your walk and stance. Is it your best? What are the positives and negatives with how you present yourself? What needs correcting? Check your posture. Are you slouching? You want to walk with a confident and easy stride. Practice walking in high heels for a period of time. Make sure that you are not shaky or walking in any odd manner.

Study your facial expression. Is it pleasant and relaxed? You don't have to maintain a fixed smile. You just want to look approachable with a pleasant look on your face. Check what you do with your arms when you are posing or walking. Are they hanging loosely and flopping around? Again study tutorials of pageant and runway models and how they use their arms. Keep them gracefully in line with your walk and posing positions.

When you meet a new client or designer you need to exhibit an air of self confidence, a pleasant personality, good modeling skills and a willingness to work. You may meet with criticism or rejection so a high self esteem is needed. That does not mean a haughty attitude!! Don't take rejection personally unless you are just not doing your best to look and be professional. Clients have an idea in mind of the type of model that they want to represent their company and you might just not be the ideal that they are considering at the time that you meet them. Still leave them with a good impression of you. Remember you get only one shot at making a good first impression!

Practice! Practice! Practice!