Preparation for WOP Part 1

Preparation for WOP Part 1

Posted by Alaina Edwards (Social Media Manager/Recruiter) on Friday May 20, 2022

Okay girls, we are now only a little over 2 months away from the “big one”! I'm referring to the World Of Prom designer mart in Atlanta in August. I hope that you are excited to be a part of this great opportunity to meet designers, showcase your talent and make new friends! This is your chance to meet all of the designers. Typically 95 per cent of our girls, or over 200 models get booked! There have been years when every model was booked. Whether you are pre-booked or not, this is now the time to start preparing yourself mentally, physically and professionally. Over the next 3 months, I am going to be focusing on one of these areas of preparation that is so essential for your success. This month I want to discuss the importance of being prepared mentally. Let's go thru some ways that you can prepare for this and other events to come.

Mentally: Success comes with planning and preparedness! Here are some mental “resources” that you can draw from to prepare yourself.


Visualize yourself being chosen by a designer to showcase his/her beautiful gowns and clothing. Picture yourself walking the runway and posing in those beautiful dresses for buyers to admire and purchase. Visualize the sensory experience of the feel of the gowns and the way that you will look and feel wearing them.

Remember: It's been said that positive visualization actually enhances your chances of success.


Maintain a positive “I can do this” attitude! Leave your “I'm probably not going to get booked” attitude at home!

The conversations that you have with yourself leading up to and during the castings will influence how you present yourself to the designer. Structure your self-talk to be positive. Don't come with an attitude that you're not going to get booked. Perhaps you have attended other castings and not been chosen by a designer. Don't let that discourage you or stand in your way. Just about every one of us have had that experience! Some designers just take a while to pre-book models after they have met them. Don't compare yourself to other models. Every model is unique, including yourself! If you are not chosen by a particular designer, keep your head up and don't be discouraged. It is not personal! Develop an “I am a winner” attitude and come with a positive and expectant mindset.

Remember: A positive mental image will influence how you portray yourself when designers are choosing models.

Pre-casting Routine:

Take deep and relaxing breaths. Think happy and expectant thoughts. Smile and just enjoy where you are in this journey of modeling.

Be an encouragement to the other girls. In so doing, you are encouraging yourself. We are a family of beautiful and lovely EFMM models! Be that girl that roots for the girl that gets booked. Show her that you are truly happy for her.

Remember: You may be the next one chosen because of your kind and positive spirit which will shine thru!

Thanks for reading this months blog! I hope you enjoyed it and took some tips with you. Talk to you next time!