Importance of Social Media to a Model’s Success Today

Importance of Social Media to a Model’s Success Today

Posted by Everything Formals Model Management on Monday May 22, 2023

Social media has had a massive impact on the modeling industry. With practically unfettered access to users, models at every level have been able to gainfully leverage social networking sites. This has changed the perceived qualifications for what it takes to be considered a model. It has also changed the ways marketing entities and modeling agencies find modeling talent.

How has social media changed the modeling industry?

These changes have toppled traditional entrepreneurial behavioral beliefs, forcing industry experts to reevaluate how they do business. Arguably the most startling change is the relevance of follower counts rising above that of the model's actual appearance. This is because an established Instagram model is going to bring a built-in audience with her. Active social media users will seek out advertising material that contains the image of their role model online, boosting the value of the ad itself. It's something marketing agencies sometimes consider even before they consider how well their ad might sell a product.

It's a huge shift, to be sure. But it means greater opportunity for ambitious new models looking to get started in the industry.

Why Models Need to be on Social Media Websites

Being on social media is definitely a must, especially for new and aspiring models as career pursuit support. After all, people love to see images of beautiful people. But it is a mixed bag, and there are stumbling blocks to look out for. 

But being on social platforms comes with great benefits as long as you dodge the major pitfalls. For a start, it gets you clout in the niches you're into. Posting pics of yourself interacting with brands can get you an audience with other fans of that brand, and it could land you a gig with the company behind that brand. 

The #Hashtag function on social media is an excellent way to associate yourself with a topic that can land you jobs. Advertisers are always looking for YouTube creators and Instagram models who are into their products. The bigger your following is, the more grateful the brands you support in your content will be.

While there are many reasons being on social networks is great for models, perhaps the most important is that you'll have a ready-made online portfolio. Now, there's one more advantage on top of that. Namely, you can use your Instagram feed as a portfolio at a lower stress threshold. That is to say, you are allowed to have fun with your social network posting. If one or more posts are casual, even slightly unprofessional, it's forgivable. 

Compared to putting together a traditional portfolio, it's a cakewalk!

Tips for Success on Instagram for Models

If you hope to use a social media platform as one of your career development strategies, here are a few best practices to follow.

Have a Content Strategy

Research the most successful posts for/about brands you think you would like to work with, and take notes.

Employ Branded Hashtags

Use hashtags to associate yourself with brands and products you would like to work with, or similar ones.

Run Hashtag Analytics

Use analytics tools like those on Sprout social to see how well certain hashtags and hashtag types attract engagement. Consider associating yourself with the best ones. 

Use Calls to Action

Without being overtly promotional, companies would like to see that you can direct your audience when needed.

Link Up

Use links to connect accounts across platforms. 

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