Building A Network: Why You Need a Model Agency

Building A Network: Why You Need a Model Agency

Posted by Everything Formals Model Management on Tuesday January 31, 2023

The modeling industry relies on the beauty, charm, and camera-friendliness of professional models. While that does sound like an exclusive skill set, the world is full of beautiful, charming people. For you, as a professional model, that means you need connections.

The idea of building network connections is nothing new. After all, it isn't what you know, it's who you know. This is why social media has been such a boon to creatives like models, photographers, and others. However; the advantages of the digital age will level off once everyone is using them.

So, what's left? How can you stand out from the crowd, get noticed, get jobs, and have a successful modeling career? The answer is getting plugged into a model network in a top-tier modeling agency like Everything Formals.

Here is how networking with talent agencies works.

Building a Network of Connections

Strong networking is key to any successful model's career. It can and will determine how successful you will be. Network building is about consistently making great impressions everywhere you go. Okay, so making a good impression on the grocery store clerk isn't tough. But what about those big executives, employers, agents, and other intimidating professionals? They meet beautiful, talented models every day. How are you going to make a strong impression on them?

The key is to have your own team of influential executives working for you. That's what a good modeling agency can do.

Why You Need a Talent Agency

There's a lot that a great modeling agency can do for you that you can't do for yourself, no matter how talented and energetic you are.

Your Safety

If you only had yourself to rely on, you would have to go door-to-door selling your services. Of course, that's not plausible. That is why modeling agencies exist. They give you access to quality clients and great jobs without having to expose yourself to unscreened people. First and foremost, an agency protects you by screening clients for you and introducing you to only the best ones.

Career Development

By connecting you to high-quality clients, the best jobs, and established advertisers, you can quickly and efficiently make connections with movers and shakers in the industry. Remember, the more successful you are, the more successful your agency will be. That means they have a vested interest in promoting you. Getting connected to a great agency puts your network building on autopilot.

Brand Building

For people with a creative mindset, branding is a tough job. The reason for this is that it requires you to craft a concept of the way the public sees you and to promote that image in everything you do. For a human being, this can be tough. After all, your face is not a business. But a quality modeling agency helps build your brand, appeals to your core audience, and develops imagery and messaging that work best for you. Once again, an agency puts these critical business functions on automatically.

Better Pay

Negotiating pay rates is not something models and other creative types tend to be good at. This is why we need people with an executive mindset working for us. That's just one thing a good model agency provides, pros who handle the business side of things.

Better Clients

Because an established agency has connections of its own, a reputation to stand on, and resources, they have the ability to appeal directly to top-quality clients and get them to hire you. Again, the alternative would be to knock on doors yourself with no control over who is on the other side. A modeling agency unlocks the right doors for you.

EFMM Girls | House of WU

EFMM Girls | Ellie Wilde

International Exposure

Finally, the scope of the exposure a great modeling agency can give you is unbeatable. They expand the number and quality of clients that will consider hiring you. This gives you choice, opportunity, and safety.

In the final analysis, modeling agencies need you as much as you need them. The best agency will appreciate the value you bring to them, treat you right, and connect you with wonderful opportunities.

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