​After The Marts – What's Next?

​After The Marts – What's Next?

Posted by Everything Formals Model Management on Thursday November 02, 2023

All we can say is, 'What a year!' We are filled with so much gratitude for all our wonderful Clients, Models, Staff, Production Crew, and everyone who made each event look effortless. The EFMM team could not have done it without all your help and hard work. Now, what's next? 

Now is the time to take a good look at your profile page which represents you on the EFMM website. Remember, most of our clients looking to pre-book models mostly just go through your EFMM profiles and decide from there so having a variety of photos can help tremendously in getting booked for next year's events. You can view your profile by searching your first name and last initial under our search button in the right-hand corner.  Look at the pictures that you have submitted. Are they recent and of good quality? Have you changed your look since they were taken? Are they professional? Do your photos adequately portray your beautiful attributes? You have until next year to update and get professional headshots if needed. They can be pricey, but also worth the investment for your career if they help you to get consistently booked. The profile photo is what the designers will see first. Ensure it highlights you as someone they would want to choose to showcase their clothing collection. Your makeup should be prom/bridal gown-ready. A tasteful and glamorous photo is definitely a good choice. A loose, 'California-style' wave is a good choice for your hair. 

It's vitally important to also make sure that your measurements are spot on when updating. Study the directives to know where to place the measuring tape to be as accurate as possible.

Now take a good look at your bio. Is it up to date with all of your latest modeling events and experiences? Do you need to add anything new that you've accomplished? If you've attended any modeling seminars, participated in any pageants, appeared in any print work, or done any commercial or acting then be sure to include that. A designer will see you as more of an experienced and seasoned model and be more inclined to choose you.

To update your information only takes a few easy steps. Gather your videos, slates, socials, pictures, and follower counts and the stats can be submitted via the links below that go directly to our team for review. Don’t miss out! The new year is coming up and we want to see you booked and busy.

-To update your walking videos, images, and add a slate please click here: https://www.everythingformals.com/update-your-pictures-walking-videos/

-To update your bio please submit here: https://www.everythingformals.com/update-your-bio/

-To update your measurements please submit here: https://www.everythingformals.com/update-your-measurements/

-To update your social media, add a follower count, and showcase your resume please email Chrysalis@EverythingFormals.com

We know that reading and learning how to improve yourself is vitally important in the modeling world. We want to thank you for your commitment in the industry. We are lucky to have you on board with us!