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Taylor M. Height 5'8 Bust 35 Waist 26.5 Hips 35

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Taylor M.
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Taylor was practially born and raised in Maui, Hawaii but has now spent the majority of her life in Dallas, Texas. She attended Washington State University for nutrition, but left to finish her certification through a private institution instead, that reside more with her morals on helping and educating people on preventative care, and establishing healthy habits. Which she finished in May 2022, she has since been opened up her own online, holistic nutritional business, where she helps people take control of their health on a more personal level. Taylor herself has lost 50 pounds on her own wellness journey and has found purpose and doing so with helping others feel their very best. She has no pageant experience other than a small local pageant she did as a child. She modeled shortly as a child as well, but recently has refound her passion for being a part of the industry at the end of last year. She has now signed with multiple agencies throughout the country, such as, Wilhelmina in Denver, MMG in NYC in Atlanta, It Model Management in Dallas, and a few other cities that are currently pending including international submissions. She has also built up her social media audience with her goal, being to inspire others to build confidence in themselves and their passions, while sharing about their journey and encouraging others, do the same. She is a big go-getter and isn't afraid to try anything new and has dedicated this upcoming year to continue putting her self in your situation to continue to grow and motivate others to go after their dreams.