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Fashion Tips

Selecting a gown for your shape:

The first step in looking and feeling your absolute best in a gown is finding one that flatters your figure.

  • Apple-shaped ladies, such as Catherine Zeta-Jones, who have no defined waist and may carry a bit of weight in the middle, look lovely in empire-waist dresses that aren’t too snug and emphasize the bust and legs.
  • Pear-shaped women, like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, should try full or a-line skirts with fitted bodices. This combination draws attention to the top half of the body while smoothing the hips.
  • Rectangle-shaped women, such as Victoria Beckham, without a lot of curves can wear a-line of fitted dresses with well-defined waists to create the illusion of a more curvy shape. Scoop and v-neck bodices also help add curves to the top half of the body.
  • Triangle-shaped ladies, like Charlize Theron, who are wider at the shoulder than the hips, look beautiful in gowns with full skirts and halter or strapless necklines.

Choosing a color for your complexion:

Once you have selected a silhouette you’ll need to decide on a color that flatters your skin tone. Color trends come and go, but the season’s most popular shade may not be the one that suits you best. One way to find your best shades is by determining your season.

  • Winter: Ladies with blue or pink undertones and porcelain, yellow-olive or dark skin with dark hair and eyes, like Kim Kardashian, look beautiful in deep colors such as cobalt, emerald, black and purple.
  • Autumn: Ladies such as Jennifer Aniston, with golden undertones to peach or golden brown skin and brunette or golden blonde hair, look best in warm or muted tones such as mustard, maroon, brown and charcoal.
  • Spring: Ladies like Mischa Barton and Nicole Kidman, who have golden undertones to ivory skin, light eyes, strawberry blonde hair and freckles look wonderful in soft shades and bright colors such as lime, coral, periwinkle ivory and yellow.
  • Summer: Ladies with pale skin and pink undertones and naturally blonde or light brown hair, such as Taylor Swift and Dakota Fanning, look best in cool, muted colors such as powder blue, lavender, jade, dusty pink and winter white.

Hair and Makeup Tips:

Throughout the pageant process it’s important that your natural beauty and vibrant personality stand out and that your hair and makeup don’t compete for attention with your dress. Keep hair clean and neatly styled at all times. Makeup should be simple and never over-done. Select your best feature, such as your eyes or lips, and play them up while keeping everything else minimal.

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